Why Diamonds Have High Melting Points?

Answer With their strong molecular structure, diamonds have an extremely high melting point. Melting point is the temperature required to break the intermolecular bonds between molecules of a substance. T... Read More »

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Do diamonds have a low melting point?

Diamonds are comprised of carbon atoms. Carbon-to-carbon chemical bonds are exceedingly strong. As a result, diamond exhibits a melting point of 3,550 degrees Celsius, which is considered high. For... Read More »

What are the melting points of crystals?

The melting point of crystals is the temperature at which they turn from a solid into a liquid. The crystals remain solid at temperatures below the melting point and turn to liquid at temperatures ... Read More »

What are the melting and boiling points of sugar?

The melting point of regular table sugar is 320 degrees Fahrenheit, or 160 degrees Celsius. Sugar doesn't have a boiling point; it decomposes before it becomes hot enough to boil.References:Dixie S... Read More »

What are the boiling, melting& freezing points of milk?

All liquids freeze, melt and boil at certain temperatures. Perhaps the most well-known of these is water's freezing point of 32 degrees Fahrenheit (0 degrees Celsius). Milk has its own set of freez... Read More »