Why "Cheers" go only with liquor not with beverages like cool drinks,coffee,tea etc?

Answer The liquor gives cheers only to those who drink, not to their family and their loved ones. So they say "cheers" while they drink. But this is not in the case of cool drinks, coffee and tea. As ... Read More »

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I have heard of Hard liquor is there such thing as soft liquor?

YES! The definition of hard liquor is an alcoholic beverage that is distilled rather than fermented. Soft liquor is a combination of fermented and distilled alcohol .... It has a lower alcohol c... Read More »

Is it cheaper buying liquor with a liquor license?

Yes if you plan on buying legally produced alcohol its cheaper with a license.

What kind of beverages do you usually drink?

Fresh fruit or vegetable juices or mineral water.

How many caffinated beverages should we drink a day?

average about 1 per day, but I''m inconsistant. None on the weekends, and anywhere between none and 5 on a work day. I enjoy it, but don''t miss it if its not there.