Why Can I Not Save as Bitmap From Photoshop?

Answer Photoshop is a great tool for managing photographs, and it can save files in a variety of formats. The program has default formats that it uses if none is specified, but it is capable of saving a f... Read More »

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How to Make Windows Stop Refusing to Save Images in Any Format Other Than Bitmap?

Occasionally, you may experience an an error which causes any image file you try to save to be saved as a bitmap (.BMP) file, regardless of the original file type. Generally, this is caused by an e... Read More »

I downloaded photoshop Cs6, but it won't let me save?

Sounds like you installed Photoshop on a tiny netbook. It needs a minimum screen resolution of 1024×768, so if you're using a 1024×600 model, it is hiding buttons and options from you.If your net... Read More »

How to Save an Action in Photoshop?

Adobe Photoshop gets easier to use after you start scripting basic repetitive actions that you need frequently in your work. The more actions you create, the faster your work flow will become. As P... Read More »

How do I save animated files from Adobe Photoshop?

Preparing a GIFMove each image frame that is part of the animation into a separate layer on the "Layer" panel. Each individual frame must be in its own layer.Saving for the WebClick on "File" and t... Read More »