Why Can I Feel My Heartbeat In My Abdomen?

Answer As blood flows through the arteries in your body, you can feel your pulse in a number of locations, including in the aorta of your abdomen.AortaThe aorta is the main blood vessel that leaves the he... Read More »

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Do you feel your uterus in lower abdomen?

You generally can't feel the top of your uterus until after 12 weeks. Before then the uterus is tucked behind your pubic bone. Of course if you are having uterine cramping, you can tell where the c... Read More »

Why can i feel my heartbeat in my stomach?

When your heart beats, you can feel it in places called pulse points, according to a Family Education website on pulse taking. Sometimes, if you are lying down, you can feel a heartbeat pulse point... Read More »

When can you feel the baby's heartbeat?

Even though each pregnancy is unique, physicians agree that a baby's heart starts beating at the fifth week of pregnancy. However, at this stage the heart is too small to be heard. As such, most wo... Read More »

Does your abdomen usually feel a little hard when you are two and a half months along?

Answer Mine firmed up pretty quick into my pregnancy, under my little pudge...