Why Blood in infants stool?

Answer We'll I had a scoliosis of the spine (a curve in my spine) which caused my spine to look like an S other people's may look like a C but back to the point in scoliosis patient the ribs rotate around... Read More »

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Is this Blood in my stool?

Go to the doctor if you're unsure, it could be ANYTHING.

Bright Red Blood In Stool What to do?

Most likely it is due to anal fissures or hemorrhoids but it could also be something far more serious as in…

Health problem, blood in stool?

It sounds as you may be dehydrated. Drink more water. Add Konsyl powder supplement into a couple glasses of your water each day as well. Many people are taking a table spoon full of Olive oil with ... Read More »

Blood in the stool and around his butt?