Why Blood in infants stool?

Answer We'll I had a scoliosis of the spine (a curve in my spine) which caused my spine to look like an S other people's may look like a C but back to the point in scoliosis patient the ribs rotate around... Read More »

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What does blood in your stool mean?

This could be very serious, but without testing it's impossible to say. Place a large sample of the waste product into a paper bag and take it immediately to the nearest pharmacy. Hand the bag to... Read More »

Why could your son have blood in his stool?

AnswerDepending on his age it may be an anal fissure from passing hard stools. If it's just slight streaking it may be from constipation. If it's quite a bit or very often I would get him checked o... Read More »

There is blood in my stool! Help?

Blood in my stool Please help?

It could be many things. This is not uncommon. Most of what might cause this is nothing to be seriously worried about. Go to a doctor and get it checked out if it happens repeatedly over a length o... Read More »