Why Are the Windows in My House Wet & Fogged Up Inside?

Answer If you find yourself wiping fog or water off your windows just to see outside, you have a humidity problem that causes water to condense on the glass. Allowing the nuisance to fester leads to more ... Read More »

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Camera lens fogged up... from inside?

what i did is put mine in a bag of rice, its what you do if you get your cellphone wet also, the rice sucks up the water like no other!!!! and i got the water out

Why does consensation appear on the inside of windows in my house in the winter?

You have way too much humidity in the air. Before I became an electrician I worked for 3 window companies as a service tech. This was our number one complaint this time of the year. All you can do ... Read More »

How to Fix Fogged Windows?

Defogging the windows in your car is a necessary step in safe driving. There's absolutely no reason why you have to drive while fog is obstructing your visibility. There is one trick you can use to... Read More »

Using raid indoor fogger under house in crawl space how does it affect the inside of house?

depends on how old and sealed the home most new homes it would be a non issue, where as I have been at some old homes that the fog will go right into the living space