Why Are The Computers At School So Fast.?

Answer Many answers have hit on some of the parts of the answer but not all of it at once.1) They have a very limited amount of software installed.2) They use memory in the correct multiples. ie: 512M, 1... Read More »

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How fast will computers be in 2 years?

Well before it was easier to give a prediction, but now that everything is moving onto multiple core CPUs and the processor clock is become less of an indicator for the overall speed of the compute... Read More »

Is anyone else offended that our kids in school are using this forum to learn to hack school computers?

Absolutely! My kids are still in elementary school, but I know that high school is just around the corner. I think it is appalling that kids can learn those types of things here, or anywhere. I ... Read More »

How fast does Apple ship computers?

Apple ships computers typically within one to three business days. When shopping online, the customer can add a computer to the cart. Upon selecting any customization features, a notice will appear... Read More »

How fast do quad core computers operate?

As of July, 2010, the fastest quad core CPU from Intel is 3.33 GHz per core. The fastest quad core from AMD is 3.4 GHz per core. Both companies currently manufacture six core processors as well.Ref... Read More »