Why Are So Many People Online Mean?

Answer Give yourself credit for being raised right. That your parents took the time to teach you manners and kindness to others.We see this problem, not only on the internet, but in real life as well, no... Read More »

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Do alot of bad people chat online with kids.Just like the show online bad people.?

There are bad people who want to hurt children in every town/city in every county in every state of this country, and in every other country around the world. Pedophiles are like cockroaches...they... Read More »

How Many People Pay Bills Online?

According to First Advantage Bank, 64.4 million U.S. households as of July 2009 pay at least one bill online through their bank account or at the service provider's website. This amounts to almost ... Read More »

How many people date online?

Approximately 30 percent of Internet users date online, according to a 2010 Globescan poll for BBC World Service. The results of the poll show that the Internet is "not just somewhere to work, shop... Read More »

How many people get online bachelor's degrees?

While there's no concrete figures on the number of bachelor's degrees earned online, nearly 3.2 million students were taking at least one course online toward a bachelor's degree in 2006. This was ... Read More »