Why Are My Rosebuds & Leaves Droopy After Planting?

Answer Roses grow to become large, hardy bushes for careful gardeners, but require careful handling and maintenance. Incorrect planting time, lack of preparation or poor conditions result in dry, stressed... Read More »

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My tomato plant leaves get droopy during the day, should i water them more?

Yes, you just can't give too much water to tomato plants and in fact most commercial growers now use hydroponic methods. Bit sad really though commercial tomatoes are often quite tasteless compared... Read More »

How to Make Rosebuds for Hair?

Create tiny rolled rosebuds from pieces of ribbon to embellish bobby pins, hair clips, headbands and even hair elastics. You can customize the size of the rosebuds according to your preferences. Us... Read More »

In bulb planting instructions, it says "planting depth: plant crown level with surrounding soil"?

the crown is the top of the will dig a hole deep enough to bury the bulb but shallow enough so that the top of the bulb is level w/ the soil but not covered by it.

Why Are My Plants Droopy?

Even if you normally have a green thumb when it comes to tending to your lawn or garden, it is likely that you will at some point experience a drooping plant. When a plant droops, it is typically e... Read More »