Why Are Leaves Falling Off My Succulents?

Answer Succulents are hardy perennial plants that have the ability to store moisture in their leaves, stems or underground roots, tubers, bulbs or rhizomes. Sun-loving succulents are ideal plants, requiri... Read More »

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All my leaves are drying up and falling of the new leaves are turning brown under neath the leaf why?

Answersounds like too much water to me. could be too little water or too much sun as well could be a disease ftyujkilop[][pouyfrdsadfyui0op-iuyresedfhop[poiuy

The leaves are falling off my plant, what did I/do I do?

You may have an annual, not a perennial or a houseplant. An annual will grow for a season, then die. And there's nothing you might have done to cause that--it's the plant's natural cycle. If a hous... Read More »

Why Are the Cotyledon Leaves on a Tomato Plant Falling Off?

Cotyledon leaves typically fall off a plant fairly early in the growth cycle. This is perfectly normal and does not reflect any kind of health issue with the plant. All plants that grow from seeds ... Read More »

What do falling colorful leaves make you think of?

Autumn, especially raking up all the leaves up then racing towards the pile of leaves and jumping in the middle of the pile.