Why Are High Interest Rates Bad for Stock Prices?

Answer Stock prices are very volatile. They tend to change easily based on the news of the day, the success of and trends for the company that issued the shares and overall economic conditions. This is no... Read More »

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How Do Interest Rates Affect Stock Prices?

Interest rates are a tool used by the Federal Reserve Board to achieve stable economic growth. When the Fed changes interest rates, it affects the economy’s performance, including the performance... Read More »

The Relationship Between Stock Prices & Loan Rates?

Stock market performance and prevailing loan rates are both leading economic indicators. As such, their fluctuations affect capital flows throughout financial markets alongside government policy. I... Read More »

Are interest rates high or low during a recession?

Interest rates fall during a recession because there is lower demand for borrowing money. Most businesses minimize expansion during a recession and few individuals buy on credit when their job futu... Read More »

The Effect of High Interest Rates on Microlending?

Microfinance banks focus on servicing the needs of aspiring and established business men and women who live in poverty stricken countries around the world. Microloans are often small and do not typ... Read More »