Why Ammonia is used as a refrigerant?

Answer it can easily transfer heat,twice than CFC and have Zero effect on the ozone layer

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Why ammonia is used as refrigerant?

Ammonia is used as a refrigerant because it has several physical properties that make it almost ideal for use in many types of refrigeration systems.It's pressure is very low when evaporated to pro... Read More »

What refrigerant is used for a 2003 ford expedition?

The air-conditioning systems in Ford Expeditions manufactured in 2003 use R-134A refrigerant. In the mid-1990s the government made car manufacturers change car air-conditioning systems to accept R-... Read More »

Laboratory substance used for drying ammonia?

By drying ammonia, I guess you mean ammonia gas..To dry ammonia gas you pass it through a drying tube of sorts filled with KOH or NaOH pellets. This method is for almost dry gas, if you are getting... Read More »

Can aquarium plants be used to remove ammonia?

Aquarium plants consume ammonia, nitrate and nitrite, all of which can be harmful to your fish. Ammonia is built up in the aquarium from excess food that isn't eaten and from waste excreted by the ... Read More »