Why Am I Getting Notifications from People Posting Pics?

Answer If on your notifications tab the people have a yellow star beside of their name, you accidentally marked them as a "favorite". I'm not sure how to remove them so look on google.

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Why am I getting false push notifications from Facebook (iPhone)?

It's probably a glitch. It's happened to me as well

Getting email notifications from Facebook about a new message for several months now, but...?

Have you ever regretted posting some of your pics.....?

I would never do that because it may effect who answers and how they answer. It's better to let them see your mind and keep them guessing at the same time.

How can i stop getting facebook notifications?

Stop having friends? That's kind of the point if Facebook. Getting notifications, friend invites, and messages. But if you're talking about you're email then you can disable notifications being sen... Read More »