Why Am I Getting Low Water Pressure Out of My New Faucet?

Answer A new faucet adds a new look to your kitchen or bathroom. However, there are times when the new faucet does not perform the way you expect. Low water pressure in a new faucet often dampens your sat... Read More »

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What would cause low water pressure in shower and master bed room sink and outside water faucet !?

If it is recent and your city water contains lots of calcium carbonate, you could have a cc buildup in your water heater. There are services which will clear that up for you.If it is a permanent co... Read More »

How to Adjust Faucet Water Pressure?

A faucet with a water pressure problem can be a major hassle. If the pressure is too low, the faucet may take too long to get the job done. If the pressure is too high, you might be concerned about... Read More »

Broken Faucet (water pressure is fine)?

I think rusty most likely got it right for you, but there are a couple of other possibilities you might want to check. It could be that your faucet screen/filter is clogged with bits of rust or so... Read More »

How do you increase the water pressure or tell if there is a kink in the line of a side-by-side refrigerator that has low water pressure from the water dispenser?

AnswerIf it was working before then you probably need to replace the filter. New install? Check for obstructions, but I would replace the filter on that one, too.You can try changing the water filt... Read More »