Why Am I Cramping Up So Badly?

Answer Tight back muscles can press into the nerve going to that area to cause it to do the cramping you feel. The pressure has to be removed from the nerve to get rid of the pain and here's how to free ... Read More »

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Brown discharge and cramping Is this implantation cramping?

it deffinatly sounds like it, however, I had a period that started off that way. If you have missed a pill that could be the reason why

Could something be wrong if you are 8 and one half weeks pregnant and you were cramping regularly but were told everything was fine but now you're not cramping at all?

Answer It's common when first pregnant to feel cramping and being bloated among other symptoms. It's all about hormones. No, there isn't anything wrong with you now because you are further along.... Read More »

Am i underweight badly?

Good fattening combinations are bread, cereals, pasta, rice, potatoes or sweet potatoes combined with meat, poultry, eggs, cheese, nuts or sea food. Peanut butter sandwiches are a good combination.... Read More »

Did I eat badly today?

It's not that bad! It's okay to have cheat days.. Don't worry! It won't affect anything. :)