Whts the first thing you see...?

Answer Crushcrushcrush by paramoreon MTV

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Whts google adsense ?

Google Adsense is ad-agency which will delivers relevant ads to your own website and it pays you ,if your customers clicks on the ads.--------------------------------------…Learn and Earn http://... Read More »

Whts cool stylish phones have USB cables?

Whts the difference between different finishes offered by MAC in their eyeshadow?

By different finishes it means how the shadow looks once applied to the eye lids. A matte finish is one with no glitter or shimmer to it. Satin finish has a slight sheen to it but it is not heavy... Read More »

Whts the # u press b4 the dialing # so it will say private on the other line its 4 free?

dial *67, remember to push * (star) before 67, its free in my area