Whsr would be a good mixer for cookie dough vodka?

Answer Kailua

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Vodka... Whats the best mixer to go with Vodka ?

How to Prevent Cookie Dough from Sticking when Cutting Cookie Shapes?

Not all cookie doughs respond well to the cookie cutter. Sometimes the cutters keep getting stuck in the dough and the perfect outline is ruined. If this problem is happening to you, use this simpl... Read More »

How do I make pasta dough with a mixer?

RequirementsTo make good pasta dough, your mixer needs a dough-hook attachment. A dough hook is shaped much like a question mark. Most quality mixers come with a dough-hook attachment.Making the Do... Read More »

Raw cookie dough?

my health dept. classes all taught me that eating raw egg exposes you to salminella, as well as a myriad of other food borne illnesses. i would not continue to eat any product that contained raw e... Read More »