Whow can i increase the speed of my computer ?

Answer Follow the steps to Speed up Windows XpYOU MAY IGNORE FIRST ONE, start from 2nd step1. Convert your hard drive to NTFS. If your drive is using FAT16 or FAT32, you can gain performance by converting... Read More »

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How to increase speed of computer?

Many computer users are worried about their computer's performance. After spending lot of bucks, still they cannot have that charm of using PC as they had expected. Here I am going to explain some ... Read More »

How to Increase the speed of computer?

How do I increase computer speed for free?

Computers tend to slow down over time as hardware ages and hard drives become cluttered with data. Paying to upgrade hardware such as RAM, hard drives, or video cards is a common way to increase co... Read More »

How to Increase Fan Speed on a Computer Molex Fax?

Molex fans on a computer are case fans that attach directly to the computer's four-pin Molex power supply connections, leaving them with a steady stream of power with which to run. Increasing the f... Read More »