Whould it be ok to use peroxide on ...?

Answer I used peroxide on all sores.

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Whould u donate your organs why or why not?

Yes I definitely would, and plan to. Why? Because when I die, I will no longer need them. Why let them go to waste when there are people in the world that are waiting on a list for new organs. P... Read More »

Whould i look good with red hair?

Well I think you look really pretty with blonde hair. Honestly if you want my opinion I would leave it blonde. But if you do really want to dye your hair that color then go for it. I think it looks... Read More »

What whould you do if ' Bill Gates ' gave you everything he had ?

Keep enough money to live the rest of my life without working, and to pursue my interests, which happen to be philosophical and historical research. Give a couple of million pounds to each of my re... Read More »

Whould i have to get a degree to be to a computer programmer?

Not if you start your own business.... right?