Whot symols can i make besides the ♥?

Answer Press and hold the ALT button then type random numbers like "237" , "322", "666"

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Whot is the best surch engen to use?

Be sure to use the spell checker next time! I prefer to use Google.

Whot is that black wire across the Road?

It's a traffic monitor. Basically, they are counting the cars at that location, and measuring their speed (by measuring the time between the front and back wheels passing over the cord).

Whot is the distance between poole and hertfordshire?

We live in a 850 sq ft. house (~10 yrs old) that we pay $900/month in rent(which is really good deal for living west of downtown). On average we pay $180 for our utilities. Our gas bill fluctuates ... Read More »

How to make simple infrared transmitter and receiver i want to make ir remote which make on or off a led ?

Hm... Don't think you can do that with remote like this!Good luck!