Whose voice was used for the donkey in Shrek?

Answer Eddie Murphy lent his voice to the character "Donkey" in the movie "Shrek" and its two sequels. "Donkey" became the sidekick of the green ogre "Shrek" and helped him rescue Princess Fiona.Source:In... Read More »

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Who is the voice of Donkey in the film Shrek?

Is it Alias Smith Jones? Wait he may of played the actual donkey in the movie... wow look what he sunk 2 now. Tsk Tsk.

Who played Donkey on"Shrek"?

Donkey, Ogre's constant companion in the animated film "Shrek," was voiced by Eddie Murray. Murray also signed on for each of the "Shrek" sequals, including the 2010 release, "Shrek Forever After."... Read More »

Which famous pair are Shrek& Donkey modeled after?

The character of Shrek is widely thought to have been modeled on wrestler Maurice Tillet. According to the Human Marvels website, Tillet suffered from acromegaly, a disorder of the pituitary gland ... Read More »

In the movie Shrek, whom does Shrek marry?