Whose responsibility is farm animal welfare?

Answer In Australia, there is various levels of responsibility for Farm Animal Welfare, and Regulatory over sight.There are farmer/breeder/producer associations, societies, and then Regulation involving q... Read More »

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In Animal Farm what changes did Napoleon make after he took over the farm?

Once control was taken by Napoleon, he gradually set about securing pig autonomy over the other abnimals, feathered his own nest and set about vilifying Snowball and using him as a scapegoat. The s... Read More »

What does the name 'manor farm' symbolize in animal farm?

Animal Welfare Program Problems?

Animal welfare programs focus on ensuring that animals have healthy and pain-free lives, whether they are used for companionship, work, education, clothing or food. These programs normally do not a... Read More »

Careers With Animal Welfare Organizations?

There are a number of career opportunities within animal welfare organizations. Zoos and nature reserves need educated personnel to take care of the captive animals, while law enforcement agencies ... Read More »