Whose photography help establish photography as art form?

Answer William Eglleston first Photographer to get colour photography into a major Art museum(MOM)and bring Photography particularly colour kicking and screaming into the Art world

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What does form mean in photography?

It could mean the human form, or the form of any object. In GCSE photography last year I had the assignment to photograph "Texture, Line, Pattern and Shape" or "Shape, Line and form." Every objec... Read More »

Do you need a business license for photography in the state of Florida to open a photography studio?

What method of photography was the main source of photos before digital photography came into use?

Does black&white photography date back to the origin of photography?

In the early 1800s black and white photography was all that was available due to the photography process still being in the experimental stage. The color photography process was discovered in the 1... Read More »