Who's the author of wikipedia?

Answer Many, many people help to write Wikipedia. Actually your timing is great - the Wikimedia Foundation (the charity who help run the site) just released yesterday the first results from their recent s... Read More »

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Whos the author of the most famous vampire book ever written?

No vampire book ever written has been as famous as Dracula written by Bram Stoker.

Where can I find the author of this website Wikipedia?

Wikipedia articles are a communal effort. No one person owns an article. Look at the list of names in the History tab on the article for all the contributors... Read More »

Whos swiching to bluray and whos not?

I'm not upgrading yet. It's too expensive. They claim that the bluray player will still play normal DVDs but if that's the case I'll just buy my husband a PS3. Bluray isn't supposed to scratch o... Read More »

What does it mean by "Author withheld" in YouTube comments Who removed the comment YT or author?

It means The person who commented, has deleted his own comment.