Who's that guy on youtube that's telling people to "leave Brittney alone"?

Answer Chris Crocker

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How to Understand Why People Leave Dirty Comments on Youtube?

A lot of people like to put spam, cussing, and catty stuff on YouTube videos. Did you just get a dirty comment on one of your vids? Keep reading.

Whos your favorite youtube beauty guru?

If you're a teen and more of a boho style fresh teen party kind of girl then check out Macbarbie07 i love how she creates her makeup. But if you're more on the simple but sophisticated yet fun lady... Read More »

If someone does a sub over a video and you put there vid on youtube without telling them can u get in trouble?

not really in big trouble but you can get your channel/video flagged but that usually doesnt happen so no, not in real big trouble

Is there a way for people to be able to tell that you've had sex without you telling them?

***************PLESE READ THIS********************SOME PEOPLE HERE DON'T KNOW WHET THE HELL THEY TALKING ABOUT!MANY people said that "your doctor would be able to tell". That is not true. This is b... Read More »