Who's that guy on youtube that's telling people to "leave Brittney alone"?

Answer Chris Crocker

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I'm dating a celebrity and I would like to be alone with him. Everywhere we go people wont leave us alone.?

Next time when you are with your celeb friend and fans start to crowd , the best option would be ,for you to give a loud and smelly fart. I bet ,the fans will disappear like hairs from a bald man's... Read More »

How to Get People to Leave You Alone?

Some days you will feel very depressed, and every little thing will bother you. On days like these, it's best to just try to get people to leave you alone.

That nasa reports to the government before telling the people?

Is it illegal to leave a child 11 years old alone in a home and also to go out and catch a bus at the bus stop alone?

Yes as long as they have money an food and that the parents will come back they may no fetch a bus they have to go to a bus stop.