Who's responsible for burglary of an apartment if not stated in the lease to have renter insurance?

Answer The tenant is responsible for insuring his apartment and contents against theft. The Lease does not have to require insurance.BUTWhere I live the Landlord is responsible for fixing the door or wind... Read More »

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What does renter's insurance cover for an apartment?

Renters insurance can be purchased for an apartment or rented home or condo. Most standard policies come with contents coverage, liability coverage, and reimbursement for external living expenses i... Read More »

What is the cost of renter's insurance for a three bedroom apartment in Chicago?

Renters Insurance in California is surprisingly affordable. About $15.00 per month can get you contents coverage for your personal belongings, loss of use for your additional living expenses, and l... Read More »

Can mandatory renter's insurance be required months after a lease has been signed which does not include it?

Will your renter's insurance policy be cancelled if you buy a 30-gallon aquarium for your apartment?

Renters Insurance and Pets Most likely it will not effect your renters insurance or your rate simply because your policy would not cover damages that result from your choice of pet. Your renters i... Read More »