Who's more talented: Kurt Cobain or Nick Jonas?

Answer If somebody says Nick Jonas... there are 2 possible reasons.1.) They don't know who Cobain isor2.) They are mentally retardedCobain no doubt.

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Whos a better frontman, Nick Jonas or Jim Morrison?

Peaches man, I ******* love you dude! Nothing gayI applaud your sarcasm I give you this star!

Who did kurt cobain die?

How do I dress like Kurt Cobain?

ShoesKurt Cobain usually wore Chuck Taylor All-Stars, usually the classic black lo-tops. Just make sure to not wear anything that is bright-colored.ClothesWear loose fitting shirts, especially flan... Read More »

WHat does Wikipedia say about Kurt Cobain?

If you've got to do a report on "an hero"*, why limit yourself to Kurt Cobain? <… > (*for those not in the know: < Read More »