Whos gonna win Blu-Ray or HD-DVD?

Answer Hi.It is quite possible that HD DVD and Blu-ray will co-exist..The film studios are conservative,greedy and unmotivated with each supporting their favourite format instead of coming together to emb... Read More »

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I have Net Zero and MSN fighting over my modem, and I what to see a good fight, whos gonna, win!?

Whos swiching to bluray and whos not?

I'm not upgrading yet. It's too expensive. They claim that the bluray player will still play normal DVDs but if that's the case I'll just buy my husband a PS3. Bluray isn't supposed to scratch o... Read More »

What do you think is gonna happened to that Boston Bomber survivor is he gonna have sentences then released?

He will never see freedom again. If he doesn't get the death sentence, he will spend the rest of his life in prison.

What is the last song played in the Hills Episode It's her move Some of the lyrics are We're both gonna loose. we're both gonna win tonight because its time to say goodbye...?