Who's eaten mole before?

Answer My version of mole doesn't have peanut butter, but does have chocolate and green olives. You're so right though, it's to die for.

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Has anyone eaten Wasabi before?

Not really!! Most people who answered this question if not all of them have never really had wasabi. Wasabi served with sushi in most places as well as wasabi sold at stores does not really have w... Read More »

Have you ever eaten a bug before?

No I haven't eaten a bug before, don't plan to, haha. Eating a bug can cause illness, especially if it's poisonous (duh) so uh... no I haven't eaten one. :]I may have eaten one without knowing, sin... Read More »

Why Should a Plantain Be Cooked Before it Is Eaten?

Plantains are native to Africa and are related to bananas but much larger. Unlike bananas, they are tasty when eaten at different stages of ripeness. Cooking and consumption options depend on the d... Read More »

Have you ever eaten octopus before?

I've had Tako (octopus) as sushi as well as Tako poke (Hawaiian octopus salad). In addition, I've had octopus in various Mediterranean dishes. It's good and it's always going to be a little rubbe... Read More »