Who's addicted to yahoo answers?

Answer No, not yet. I started only a week ago. This thing was pointed out to me by someone who is addicted to it, or so she says.I think most questions are silly and most answers even more so. A lot of pe... Read More »

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Is anyone addicted to Yahoo Answers ?

I am totally addicted to Yahoo! Answers. I love helping people out, and when I need help on a topic, I love having people help me. Plus, I'm a very social person, so putting my input into a speci... Read More »

Are you addicted to Yahoo Answers>>>>>>?

Why is my boyfriend addicted to yahoo answers?

Lmao! Both me and my bf are addicted to YA Think they need to make a YA rehab lolzx

What are the top 10 signs you are addicted to Yahoo! Answers?

OK, does this mean my life is sad, or does it give me purpose? I'm gonna go with answer #2.My initial answer to the questions, sans details, was that you try to make the people in your real life un... Read More »