Whom did Magellan work for in the past?

Answer As a boy Ferdinand Magellan worked for the royal court in his homeland as a page of Queen Leonor of Portugal. He then later offered his services as a voyager to King Charles I of Spain.Source:Think... Read More »

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Will a Magellan GPS work in Italy?

For the GPS feature to work in Italy, the phone must have the Europe map set. Without this feature, the Magellan GPS will not work in Italy. So before buying this product make sure that it possesse... Read More »

The Difference Between the Magellan Roadmate and the Magellan Maestro?

The RoadMate and the Maestro are both families of portable, Global Positioning System devices that Magellan Navigation, Inc. produces. As GPS devices, both the Magellan RoadMate and the Magellan Ma... Read More »

Hate to sound stupid, but I live in California and have a Magellan GPS. Will that work in Ireland?

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