When people die with their eyes open do their eyes look up?

Answer because they have no control over the eye muscles that you can move your eyes with

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Why open both eyes when you look in a microscope?

When using a monocular microscope, it is best to keep both eyes open in order to avoid eye strain. When employing this method, it is best to use your dominant eye to look through the microscope.Ref... Read More »

My eyes ache/hurts when i look out in the corners..?

Gahh, the EXACT same thing has been happening to me as well for the past couple days. It's suuh annoying! I'm on here looking for answers as well. >.

Why is it when i look at my computer screen too long my eyes start aching?

There could be a lot of causes. Did you get a new monitor? Flat screens are gentler on the eyes than your standard CRT-glass-tube monitor.Do you have trouble seeing anything close up, like text i... Read More »

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