Who are you saluting during the star spangled banner?

Answer You are saluting to the soldiers.

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What surface was "The Star-Spangled Banner" song written on?

Francis Scott Key penned "The Star-Spangled Banner" in 1814 on the back of a letter he kept in his pocket. The song was adopted as the United States' national anthem 117 years later, on 3 March 193... Read More »

Who wrote the Star Wars books?

The Star Wars series of movies was originally created by George Lucas and was not based on a book. A large number of Star Wars fiction books have subsequently been written by a variety of authors i... Read More »

Do you think this was fair I wrote that I was having a horrible day and could use a star.?

honey, don't blame yahoo, that was just some troll out there that gets his jollies by trying to make others as unhappy as he is. just remember that what goes around comes around and eventually yah... Read More »

How to replace picture banner with custom banner on tumblr?

Find this line in your theme:  (it's line 265 of the original theme, but I think you've made some modifications so it might not be exactly at that line in your version) and replace that line with... Read More »