How do I add songs to an album on Itunes?

Answer the person above me is partly correct but highlight all the songs (hold control and click on each one) then right click on one song then click on the get info option the next thing that you need to... Read More »

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How do you put multiple songs in one album in itunes?

select songs > left click get info > check album with √ > write the album name

How to Sort Songs by Album on an iPhone?

Sort your iPhone music to better help you navigate media and locate your favorite songs. The iPhone's iPod allows you to sort music by artist name, song title, genre and more. You can also choose t... Read More »

How do i delete album artwork on itunes songs?

Open iTunes SoftwareOpen the iTunes software and select a song. For Mac users press the "Command" key and "i" at the same time. For PC users right-click on the song and select "Get Info" from the c... Read More »

Can you download songs from the album CD to the mp4/mp5 player?

yes,as long as the format is playable by mp4/mp5 player.anything in mp3 is universally playable.