Caller tune code for wish you were here?

Answer Yes Brasso does work but it's hard work, you will have to use some elbow greese aswell :-)

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How to Listen to Pink Floyd?

Pink Floyd can be considered as one of the leading bands in progressive rock from the seventies, though a lot may find themselves a little impatient with Gilmour's long and slow licks. No one's bla... Read More »

The Beatles, Pink Floyd or Led Zeppelin?

Why is pink floyd good to trip out to?

Well, a lot of their music (mostly their early material) has a psychedelic vibe to it so I imagine it could be fitting for one wanting to trip off drugs while listening to music.But as to why you t... Read More »

Why is pink floyd good music to trip out to?

Probably because they were tripping out when they made the music.Ketamine??? I was given that in the hospital ER once...I didn't know it was available outside of a hospital setting. (I wouldn't w... Read More »