Who wrote the nursery rhyme Baa Baa Black Sheep?

Answer According to The Telegraph, the nursery rhyme "Baa Baa Black Sheep" first showed up in Mary Cooper's "Tommy Thumb's Pretty Song Book Volume II" in 1744. Historians believed only one copy of the boo... Read More »

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Nursery Rhyme Art Activities?

Nursery rhymes are fun for any age. They are short and creative, and capture the imagination of any child who hears them. Nursery rhymes help children learn the concept of rhyme and rhythm, and the... Read More »

Famous Nursery Rhyme Characters?

Nursery rhymes evolved into their current forms around the 19th century when rhyme books began to circulate. Before then, people passed on lullabies and children's songs orally. Many famous nursery... Read More »

What Nursery Rhyme MGBYAM?

Mary had a little lamb, she kept in the back yard. And when she took her panties off his woolly dick got hard!

Nursery Rhyme Sequencing Activities?

Nursery rhymes are used to encourage emerging literacy skills in young children. Rhyming words and rhythm make nursery rhymes among the easiest text for children to memorize. Memorizing short passa... Read More »