Who wrote the king james bible?

Answer In January 1604, at the Hampton Court Conference, King James I of England authorized an English translation of the Bible from Hebrew and Greek texts. Fifty-four of the best linguists and biblical s... Read More »

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Who wrote the King James version of the Bible?

After the Hampton Court conference of 1604, King James I of England set out to produce a uniform translation of biblical texts, written in English. The King commissioned a group of 47 scholars who ... Read More »

What is the difference between the 1599 Geneva Bible& the King James Bible?

The first translation of the Bible from the original texts into English was printed by the Protestant Reformists in Geneva. King James issued a new English version of the Bible to be translated aft... Read More »

Who translated the King James Bible?

Forty-seven men, including John Bois and Samuel Ward, were commissioned by King James of Britain to complete a new translation. The men, from Westminster, Cambridge and Oxford, began work in 1604 a... Read More »

Why is the King James bible important?

The King James Version (KJV) of the Bible is one of the oldest English versions still in circulation. It is distinct from other versions due its style of language and Old English spelling.OriginsTh... Read More »