How difficult would it be to stay awake for 48 hours... binge drinking for the latter 12 hours?

Answer I would have a very difficult time staying awake under those conditions. Best of luck.

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Do sleeping hours stack or are they considered separate sleep hours?

Nope, just four and four. This is because the brain needs to rotate between deep sleep and light sleep at least 5 times in one sitting, and each time takes 90 minutes. There's no way that you can a... Read More »

Do talking on cellphones hours and hours daily gives you brain tumour?

They say that it does actually. I'm not sure if they have definitive proof yet but I believe there has been a correlation noticed. It would be a slow process though

Is it better to turn on the PC each two hours, or to leave it on for at least eight hours?

ok... the whole on off and hardware thing is a myth... mostly. It is true that you dont want to turn it off repeatedly, but it really isn't a big deal. You use more power when shutting down and boo... Read More »

Non diabetic I think...fasting bg around 106. 2 hours post meal 111 and at 3-4 hours 118. What's going on?

The increase of blood glucose level may be due to the release of counterregulatory hormones such as growth hormone, cortisol, glucagon, or epinephrine, all of which can signal the liver to release ... Read More »