Writing Activities on Comparing Fairy Tales to Folk Tales?

Answer Fairy tales and folk tales are very similar. Both are passed down through oral tradition, use formulaic story elements and often involve ordinary people being caught up in extraordinary situations.... Read More »

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Who made the Tom and Jerry Tales?

The Tom and Jerry Tales were a cartoon series made by Warner Bros. in the 2000s as an updated, modern version of the original Tom and Jerry cartoons by Chuck Jones.Source:TV Com: Tom and Jerry Tale... Read More »

What do you mean by metrical tales?

It is metrical tale when a narrative poem is told in first person. Example: The Lady of Shallot

Why did the show Dragon Tales get cut from PBS?

because of the controversy surrounding some of the voice actors, like the hiring prostitutes to a big party, ordering large amounts of cocaine from a columbian drug cartel and a case of illegal imp... Read More »

Ideas to Teach Fairy Tales?

Adventure. Magic. Good vs. evil--fairy tales capture the attention and imagination of children. A unit of study about fairy tales provides the opportunity to study story elements and demonstrates a... Read More »