Who wrote the 5 pillars?

Answer Muhammad stated the Five Pillars of Islam when asked to define the Islamic religion in the "Hadith." He referenced the "Qur'an," which mentions the points in various sections throughout the text. I... Read More »

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How to Act According to the Five Pillars of Islam?

Islam is a complete way of life which contains guidance on all aspects of life in great detail. From managing your finances, to family law, to inheritance, and even the smaller topics like keeping ... Read More »

Who invented the 5 pillars?

According to the Muslim faith, God (Allah) invented the Five Pillars of Islam---duties of faith and obedience required of all Muslims. Muhammad, Allah's messenger and prophet, explained that these ... Read More »

What Are the Five Pillars of Nursing?

Nursing is a profession within the health-care industry with trained professionals working to tend to the needs of the sick. They help maintain or restore health to adults and children or provide p... Read More »

Why was'Pillars of the Earth'banned?

Ken Follett's historical novel "Pillars of the Earth" was cited by the American Library Association as one of the 100 most challenged books of the 1990s. Its graphic depiction of life in Medieval E... Read More »