Projects for the Novel "The Scarlet Letter"?

Answer "The Scarlet Letter" is one of America's most famous novels. Published in 1850 by Nathaniel Hawthorne, it tells the story of Hester Prynne, a 17th-century Boston woman punished for committing adult... Read More »

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How old is pearl in chapter 13 of the scarlet letter?

Describe the market place in the scarlet letter?

it is very large and has a lot a space for Hester to be looked at.

Why was chillingworth called a leech in the scarlet letter?

A leech is a hanger-on who seeks advantage or gain. Roger Chillingworth is a perfect example of a leech. He has attached himself to Arthur Dimmesdale like a harmful and vicious worm. His only goal ... Read More »

What is the initial incident of the novel The Scarlet Letter?

Well, the start of the book has Hester Prynne temporarily released from prison so she can be paraded around town to display her scarlet "A". Check the link for some more on the initial happenings o... Read More »