What is Paradise Lost About?

Answer The epic poem "Paradise Lost" by John Milton is a poem about the "Fall of Man: as described in Christian literature (i.e. The Holy Bible), the temptation of Adam and Eve by the fallen angel Satan a... Read More »

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What is the theme of 'Paradise Lost'?

Answer "Paradise Lost" is John Milton's poem about the fall of Man from the Garden of Eden. It begins with casting the rebellious angels, led by Satan, from heaven into hell, where Satan begins his... Read More »

How to Do Citations for Paradise Lost?

Milton's "Paradise Lost" is one of the classic poems of English literature. If you quote from it in your term paper, it is imperative that you let your reader know where in the poem to find the lin... Read More »

What is the plot of 'Paradise Lost'?

Three little boys who were allegedly killed by three teenagers who listened to rock music and supposedly worshiped satan.

Is Paradise Lost a sonnet?

No. Because it has more than four lines and does not have alternate rhyme. It is in fact a poem, not a sonnet.