The Flags of the Confederacy?

Answer A flag has traditionally been flown in order to unite believers of the same cause, particularly in times of war. Rather than having one flag design with which it could be associated, though, the Co... Read More »

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What city was the capital of the Confederacy?

The original capital city of the Confederate States of America was Montgomery, Ala. Succumbing to the humidity and mosquitoes, leaders moved the capital to Richmond, Va., after less than six months... Read More »

How many black soldiers were in the Confederacy?

Although an exact number of blacks that served the Confederacy during the Civil War is not known, conservative estimates place the number at between 30,000 and 100,000. To help perpetuate the notio... Read More »

Weaknesses of the Confederacy Government?

The Confederated governments in American history faced many weaknesses that included the lack of central power, the inability to react to state needs and a sustainable tax system. The Articles of C... Read More »

Where are the blue prints of the USS Confederacy located?