Who wrote the original White Cliffs of Dover?

Answer Walter Kent wrote "The White Cliffs of Dover." He was born in New York City on November 29, 1911, and died on March 2, 1994, in Los Angeles, California. Kent was an architect who conducted his own ... Read More »

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What color are the White Cliffs of Dover?

The Cliffs of Dover are predominantly white, they are also accented by streaks of black flint. The cliffs are made of white calcium carbonate or chalk with pieces of flint and quartz mixed in.Sourc... Read More »

Where are the White Cliffs of Dover found?

Stretching a total of 10 miles, the White Cliffs of Dover is located between Folkestone and Walmer in the United Kingdom. The cliffs form Britain's southeastern coastline. From London, the M2 and t... Read More »

Are the white cliffs of Dover made of limestone?

The White Cliffs of Dover are made of white limestone, formed by multiple layers of sea creatures, shells and skeletons. Fossils found in the chalk layers have included shark teeth, sponges, brain ... Read More »

The History of the White Cliffs of Dover in England?

The white cliffs of Dover are often the first glimpse of Britain for people arriving by sea from the south. The cliffs, which have been nominated as an "Icon of England," are one of the best-known ... Read More »