Is amtrak unbearable?

Answer NO!Amtrak is by far the best way to travel in the country. It is often much less expensive than flying, and they don't charge you for luggage. The seats are very comfortable, and the trains are cle... Read More »

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How to Deal With an Unbearable Menstrual Cycle?

Some monthly cycles can be seemingly unbearable. It's tough, but can be manageable. Just stay strong

My sunburn itches soooooo bad it's unbearable?

Hi,You can follow some measures mentioned below:1. Leave the blisters intact. Do not lance or pierce the blisters or scratch them off. Instead, leave them intact to rupture and open on their own.2.... Read More »

What causes sudden unbearable back pain?

this is a far better information than people guessing for you,,, your spine is something you don't want to mess with…


Try your best to stay off your feet as much as possible today. Put Rubbing alcohol to see if that soothes the pain. Also try a hot bath. If none of things work i would suggest a Doctor. Hope u feel... Read More »