Who wrote the scofield bible?

Answer The Scofield Bible is an annotated study Bible in the King James translation that was created and edited by Cyrus Scofeld, a Bible student and theologian. The Scofield Bible was first published in ... Read More »

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Who wrote the geneva bible?

Many scholars contributed to the Geneva translation of the bible from Greek and Hebrew which began in 1557. William Whittingham oversaw the entire project, and over 150 editions were printed betwee... Read More »

Who wrote"Bad Girls of the Bible"?

The book "Bad Girls of the Bible" was written by Liz Curtis Higgs. The book is about the lives of women of the Bible, such as Delilah; Jezebel; Lot's wife; and Rahab, and the lessons that can be le... Read More »

Who wrote the catholic bible?

The books of the Bible of the Catholic Church have numerous authors, but the Catholic Bible, known as the Vulgate, was compiled by St. Jerome (c. 331-420). Jerome translated most Old Testament book... Read More »

Who wrote Easton's Bible Dictionary?

Matthew George Easton wrote "Easton's Bible Dictionary." Easton was a Scottish Presbyterian, and he lived during the nineteenth century. Copyright has expired on "Easton's Bible Dictionary," and it... Read More »