Who are the miserables ones in the movie ' Les Miserables'?

Answer Most everyone is miserable, the only people I can think about who truly show no sign of sadness are the Thenardiers. Jean Valjean has to constantly be on the run from Javert, and Cosette is one of ... Read More »

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How to Read Les Miserables?

Have you ever started to read this wonderful classic, but been daunted by the length and monotony? Then this how-to is for you. Read on to find out reading techniques to help you get through and en... Read More »

How long is les miserables?

1,463 pages in the edition I own.

How to Decorate for "Les Miserables"?

The musical "Les Miserables" is set in 19th-century Paris and is based on the novel of the same name published in 1862 by Victor Hugo. "Les Miserables" is a very popular play and is staged in many ... Read More »

How old is fantine is les miserables?

It never says it really, but then again I've never read the book only seen the play. I'm guessing she's in her 20's 30's. But that's just a guess.