Who are the miserables ones in the movie ' Les Miserables'?

Answer Most everyone is miserable, the only people I can think about who truly show no sign of sadness are the Thenardiers. Jean Valjean has to constantly be on the run from Javert, and Cosette is one of ... Read More »

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What is Les Miserables about?

Les Miserables is about a former convict, Jean Valjean (24,601), and how he changes his life to help many, many people.

What is the setting in les miserables?

The setting is in France, most of the latter part of the book takes place in Paris.

What is the summary for Les Miserables?

PROLOGUE: 1815, DIGNEJean Valjean, released on parole after 19 years on the chain gang, finds that the yellow ticket-of-leave he must, by law, display condemns him to be an outcast. Only the saintl... Read More »

What is the song On My Own from Les Miserables about?

Well, actually the song is On My Own.The character singing the song, Eponine, is venting her feelings into the night because the man she loves doesn't love her, but instead wants Eponine to help hi... Read More »