How many acts are in Death of a salesman?

Answer There are 2 Acts

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What is the number of pages for Death of a Salesman?

That would depend upon the publication and the size of the print. Of course, Death of a Salesman is a play written by Artur Miller and is intended to be seen on stage in order to gain its full impa... Read More »

"Death of a Salesman" Classroom Activities?

The Pulitzer Prize-winning "Death of a Salesman" was written by Arthur Miller and published in 1949. Willy Loman is an unsuccessful traveling salesman who continues to fight to achieve the American... Read More »

Why is Willy home in Death of a Salesman in Act 1?

He was unable to sell his products, and was having trouble driving, so came home

How does Willy act toward the boys when they are young in Death of a Salesman?

He is a great, loving father, but he instills poor morals and ideals into them