Who writes the wikipedia 'biography'of a (not necessarily) famous person?

Answer You do! Or someone like you. Wikipedia is written by regular people like you and me. Anyone can contribute. If you want to know who wrote a specific article, check the History tab. It will show you... Read More »

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How famous does a person have to be to get a wikipedia page?

Specifically, they have to be famous enough to have multiple reliable sources make non-trivial mentions about them (and not merely about their participation in an event).To oversimplify it: being i... Read More »

I want to be a famous person of the world and i want that wikipedia create a page for me. How can i get thats?

Who writes wikipedia?

Mostly people who don't know what they're talking about but think they know everything. Anyone can be an "author" on Wikipedia. Wikipedia is supposed to be collaborative, harnessing the collective ... Read More »

Who writes for Wikipedia?