Who would you bake some Love for this Christmas Best cookie Recipe?

Answer I had to ask if you were asking for a recipe for love or cookies, you said both so here we go:( For love, I don't measure anything is small amounts, but its all heaps and lots not measured but free... Read More »

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Why most cookie recipe contain chocolate/cocoa powder & chocolate chips Ain't any recipe without it?

Now that's just silly. There are millions of cookie recipes that don't contain those things. It's not even close to "most cookie recipes" containing those ingredients. Some of these may have bro... Read More »

Can all cookie dough be refrigerated or frozen until you want to bake?

you can refrigerate ANY cookie dough for a few days but it will dry out.You can freeze it for much longer time, especially packaged in an air tight environment.It will last a couple months in a fri... Read More »

How to Bake With a Round Airbake Cookie Sheet?

AirBake pans work by keeping the metal coming in contact with the food at the same temperature as the surrounding oven. This helps to keep the cookies from baking too hot underneath, where the doug... Read More »

How to Bake Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cheesecake?

Who doesn't like cheesecake? An additional tinge of chocolate chips makes it all the more wonderful. Here's how to make a wonderful, different dessert delight!